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Personal information

Details that you provide in your company profile about your company and selected company employees will be accessible only by employees of the owning company/authority and to the contracted technical support team.

No data held within this system will be disclosed to any other party without your prior consent.

Accurate Information

It is important that you give us accurate information. You are responsible for informing us that your company or personal details have changed by using the feature provided on the Submit tab within the Company Profile section of the system.


All passwords and usernames allocated to you must be kept secret and must not be disclosed to anyone without our prior written authorisation.

You must not use any false identity in email or other network communications.

You must not attempt or participate in the unauthorised entry or viewing of another user's account or into another system.

You must not use the services and/or network systems or any part thereof for fraudulent activities. This is an illegal act and prosecution under criminal law may result.